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Watch videos to learn more about your health. Educating yourself is essential to keep you on the road to optimal health.

Cardiovascular Health

Johnny and I love two things: sports and pizza. The guy can put away an entire double pepperoni and never gain a pound. I’d have never guessed that if one of us was to have a heart attack, it would be him.

The fact is we just do not outlive our cardiovascular system. By taking responsibility early on, we can maintain the strength of that system and prevent the expense that we would occur later in our lives.

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Immune System Health

“This is the most important discovery ever announced in preventative medicine.”

Results “unprecedented … in the known medical literature.”

You want a healthy immune system. Transfer Factor Plus can be our best guarantee of having a healthy, vital, intelligent and strong immune system.

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Can Death Begin in the Colon?

“Toxic substances produced in the bowels can have damaging health effects.” – University of San Francisco –

“There are over 50 million physicians’ office visits yearly due to digestive complaints.” – National Institutes of Health –

Find out from this well researched video what to do to improve and maintain a healthy digestive system.

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Do You Have a Toxic Liver?

If someone where to ask you what is the most important organ of the body, what would you say? Probably the heart? Or…?
For weight loss and overall health which organ is the most important? The heart? The liver? Or…?

In this video, Dr. Tanner, a board certified physician shows how the liver determines out health and how we age.

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Those Foods Don’t Go Good Together

Do you ever feel wiped out after a meal? I’m talking about that bloated, gassy feeling. Well for some people, they feel tired or even mentally foggy. All these signs are telling you there’s a problem. But instead of covering up the problem with drugs, there are natural ways to fix the problem. Here’s a wellness approach that can help people with digestive issues.

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Crohn’s Disease

A painful condition called Crohn’s Disease sometimes causes life-threatening complications. Digestive disorders are on the rise, due to the standard American diet and the toxic foods people eat every day. Those diagnosed with Crohn’s are told there’s no cure, or you have to be on medication for the rest of your life. But there are other options. Here’s Dr. Cindy Howard with a few insights about Crohn’s Disease.

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Gut Discomfort

Take a minute with me and let the amazement of how your body works inspire you. You may have heard me quote the phrase that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s true, and the lowly colon is no exception. The biochemistry that takes place in the colon is, well stunning. Let’s look at how we can keep the colon healthy and free of disease.

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Gut Inflammation – H. Pylori

Inflammation is the new buzzword in the medical world because in recent years we’re understanding how inflammation can be a catalyst of many chronic diseases. So, what causes inflammation? Well, one of the causes of inflammation is infection. One particular infection that’s very contagious and prominent throughout the world is H. pylori. H. pylori is a bacterium found in the stomach. About 60% of those who are over 60 years of age are infected with this bacterium.

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