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Intro – Syndrome X

If you’ve tried and failed at several diet plans, if you are more than 15 pounds heavier than you want to be and can’t fit into your favorite pair of jeans, that extra weight may not be your fault. And science confirms it. A new health condition has been identified and it could be the reason that you aren’t losing weight. It’s called Syndrome X and it’s very, very real.

What is Syndrome X?

Syndrome X, also known as Metabolic Syndrome, is now thought to be the root cause of our weight problems in North America, and it’s more common than you might think. It is estimated that more than 70% of the population who struggle with their weight have this real health problem.

What is it? Well Syndrome X occurs when your body overproduces certain hormones and indirectly triggers fat storage. This also increases your hunger and cravings and keeps you gaining weight because it also slows down your metabolism. And the experts, statistics, and science have proven that it could be why you can’t seem to lose the weight. Many of the ingredients in today’s most popular diets can actually make your Syndrome X symptoms much worse. Ingredients like dairy which includes whey protein can increase your hunger and can cause many other health issues. Whey protein is actually a waste product of milk. This is a common source of bad protein found in most shakes and protein bars. Remember, dairy and whey protein also contain lactose.

Syndrome X Symptoms

The study published in the US Pharmacist stated that 75% of adults worldwide are lactose intolerant. Symptoms of lactose intolerance may include low energy, chronic fatigue, irritability, diarrhea, nasal congestion and asthma, stomach pain or heartburn, cramping, or excess gas.

The next ingredient to stay away from is soy. Soy is commonly found in protein powders and can actually increase your hunger and fat retention by increasing your estrogen levels. A landmark study published in September 2014 states, “Soybeans contain the isoflavones genistein. Genistein stimulates growth of estrogen sensitive breast cancer cells.” Things like hemp and gluten that cause inflammation, which according to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research can cause weight gain, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, joint pain, depression, brain fog, and migraines. Even stimulants like caffeine and even green coffee bean extract found in many diet products can actually cause you to retain fat.

But don’t take our word for it.

According to the Croft School of Medicine and Pharmacology, “Coffee affected utilization of fat in the liver and caused abnormal retention of fat within cells.” It also triggers glucose intolerance, causing increased insulin resistance and may actually be linked to worsening of the Metabolic Syndrome X.

No wonder you haven’t been able to lose the weight. Many of the diet products were actually making you worse, not better. But those days are over.

Dealing with Syndrome X

Instead of chasing the symptoms, you can now focus on dealing with the cause. And we have the natural answer. Something that is proven. Something that works by targeting your Syndrome X problem. It’s simple, convenient, and delicious. Something you may never of heard of because it’s not from North America. It’s inspired from the Mediterranean, and uses time tested, traditional natural ingredients, that are the secret to health and helps to target your Syndrome X struggle. And it’s a natural answer called PureTrim.

Welcome to the Mediterranean PureTrim System.

The Mediterranean Puretrim System

The Mediterranean PureTrim System is considered by many doctors and experts to be the best, simplest, most complete weight loss system available. Reputable medical journals around the world have published many impressive clinical studies that prove that the Mediterranean diet is the best program in the world. The prestigious American College of Cardiology recently released an impressive study of over 500,000 people from the Mediterranean region. This clinical study established how a Mediterranean diet can achieve impressive weight loss and anti-aging benefits from healthier body weights to younger looking skin.

The PureTrim Mediterranean System is an easy four part program that when used together will produce incredible results.

  • PureTrim Wellness Shakes

The first part of the program is shakes. These shakes are available in three delicious creamy flavors. Each PureTrim shake has 21 grams of 100% raw plant based protein. They are 100% non-GMO vegetable pea, and organic brown rice. The PureTrim shakes are also high in fiber and contain important anti-aging nutrients for tighter looking skin. Their high levels of plant calcium and unique Mediterranean fruits and veggies help boost your results, and they keep you full for up to four hours.

  • PureTrim Daily Complete

PureTrim Daily Complete is the second part of the program. Just one ounce of this delicious liquid nutrient contains 243 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from organic fruits and vegetables. Liquid Daily Complete helps increase your energy, support healthy joint function, and reduce stress. You will see results within your first seven days.

  • PureTrim Boost Tea

The thrid part is PureTrim Boost Tea. This is our metabolism boosting ice tea. This caffeine free, delicious, passion fruit ice tea is easy and simple to make.

  • PureTrim Experience

PureTrim Experience is a digestive cleansing product. Everyone knows its important to stay regular. There have been many clinical studies showing the positive impact and importance of keeping your colon clean. It’s the final piece to the puzzle you need.

This four product Mediterranean PureTrim System really does work. It is even featured in the Physicians Desk Reference. Nine out of 10 doctors count on the Physicians Desk Reference when recommending products and the PureTrim System is listed as a weight loss and anti-aging program.

Enjoy Mediterranean PureTrim

These dietary principles and ingredients have been used by the people of the Mediterranean for thousands of years to maintain a healthy body weight and keep them looking younger than their real age. It’s based on science, it’s proven and it’s working for people just like you.

Finally you can win the weight loss battle once and for all with the 10 day PureTrim challenge right now. The PureTrim Challenge could change your life forever.



I was introduced to the PureTrim System and I started getting immediate results. I’ve lost 33 pounds, I’m down three dress sizes, I have my life back.

I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself.

I love the PureTrim Boost tea, it has helped me with my cravings, it’s helped me with my appetite, it gives me energy, I love how I feel.

And I was noticing that even my skin was getting toned and it was keeping up with the weight loss.

I was just amazed, I would go and put on a pair of pants that I wasn’t able to wear before, and I could just zip them and button them right away, and I’m like, I’m going to keep going.

I got on the scale and the PureTrim system had already helped me lose nine and half pounds.

When I did my last fitting for my wedding dress they had to size it from a size 12 all the way down to a size eight.

You have to take the 10 day PureTrim challenge, not only will it change your life but it will literally save your life like it did for me.

I almost lost myself completely and to get back and find myself and feel as good as I do and be as happy as I am and it’s my 36th birthday and I am down 27 pounds and I feel like I’m 21.

I was thrilled after trying the PureTrim system. I wound up losing 30 pounds of weight. That’s ten inches around my waist.

After I lost 30 pounds I thought I was going to have a lot of saggy skin like on some of the other diets people take. I didn’t have that.

I no longer have a double chin. It’s all gone away. I feel and look younger than I did before I started. That’s all thanks to the PureTrim Systema and the ingredients they put inside.

I love Daily Complete. It’s easy to take, it’s just a shot, it’s like taking a whole handful of vitamins. It’s better than drinking a cup of coffee or an energy drink. I have all the energy I need for the entire day and it’s all natural.

For the first time in a very long time, almost 20 years, I’m proud of the way I look. It’s all thanks to the PureTrim System.

I was introduced to the PureTrim system by my wife. I took the ten day PureTrim challenge. I’ve lost eight inches around my waist and I’ve lost over 25 pounds.

I take Daily Complete everyday with lunch. I have more energy, I feel better.

My husband and I have seven kids in six schools and I’m the person that gets everybody where they need to be and I work. If you think you’re too busy for the PureTrim System, you’re not.