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The Most Important Organ

If I were to ask you, what is the most important organ of your body, what would you say? Probably the heart, right? But if I were to ask you, what is the most important organ of the body for weight loss and overall health, then what would you say?

My name’s Dr. Tanner, and I’m a board certified physician who’s been in practice for 18 years. What I’m about to share with you is about the importance of your liver and how it determines our health and how we age.

The main responsibility of your liver is to keep your blood clean. In fact, it cleanses 1.5 quarts of blood a minute. That’s 540 gallons of blood a day. The liver filters toxins from the blood and also stores vitamins and minerals that supply the body. It also supplies the digestive enzyme called bile, which helps digestion and plays a key role in your bowel function.

The liver directly impacts everything from your heart health to your brain function, and the liver even plays a major role in the success of your weight loss efforts and how quickly we age.

So my first question to you is, when is the last time you have done a proper liver cleanse. If the answer is never or you’re not sure, then listen carefully to the next 15 minutes as it will help you take control of your health.

Consequences Of A Toxic Liver

If your liver is toxic, it will dramatically slow down or minimize the results from any vitamins, minerals or foods you eat. Please, pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you as it can improve your health.

The liver is the greatest, multi-tasking organ of the body, and as a result, it’s function or dysfunction can have incredible effects on your health.

Let’s look at a quick diagram of where your liver is located. The liver is the largest gland in the body. It weighs up to three pounds. It’s suspended behind the ribs of the upper right side of the abdomen and spans almost the entire width of the body. It is one of the most complex and active organs in the body.

Here’s a picture of what a healthy liver should look like. Now, here’s a picture of what a toxic liver looks like. When a liver is toxic, it does not break down fat properly and can leave to a buildup of fat, often referred to as a fatty liver. In cases of like this, instead of the liver breaking down fat, it turns into a fat storing organ. You may even notice waking in the upper abdominal region, commonly called a liver roll, which is a roll of fat that develops in the upper portion of the abdomen. Many refer to this as the spare tire.

A toxic liver has been linked to sugar cravings and weight gain, so unless the liver is functioning properly, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to lose abdominal fat.

Not only will a toxic liver cause weight gain, but it dramatically increases your chances of high cholesterol. In fact, a toxic liver is the number one cause of syndrome X which is when your body over produces certain hormones that trigger fat storage.

Here’s another interesting fact. A congested, toxic liver is one of the most common causes of kidney stones and gallbladder stones, so when you neglect your liver, it can cause other health issues that can be quite painful.

The liver is responsible for producing bile, which aids in digestion. After you eat a meal, your liver is stimulated to produce a special digestive enzyme called bile. Bile is created in the liver and then stored in the gallbladder. Once the food reaches your intestines, the gallbladder releases the bile into your duodenum, aiding in digestion. The bile is used for both digestion and to improve bowel function. This bile also helps to break down fat and remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Two of the most common symptoms of a bile issue caused from a toxic liver are an elevation in your cholesterol levels and digestive problems such as bloating and excessive constipation.

The liver is considered the number one fat-burning organ in the body, yet very few people know this, and they don’t realize that it can determine your metabolism as well as the health of your thyroid.

Your liver is also one of the main storage areas in your body for vitamins, energy and minerals, especially iron. The liver is able to store these nutrients and then release them into the blood stream as they are needed. So even if you eat right and take a ton of supplements, if your liver is toxic, you’re really getting little to no benefit.

The liver breaks down and eliminates toxins. Toxins typically cause inflammation in the body including your joints, your thyroid, even your brain. Toxins can even cause food allergies or food sensitivities.

The liver is also responsible for balancing the hormones in your body. Imbalances in hormones can lead to thyroid issues, testosterone issues, and aggressive PMS or menopausal symptoms in women.

The liver influences the entire circulatory system, including the heart. In fact, the liver produces HDL, which is the good cholesterol. These are high-density lipoproteins that travel around the body and help to remove excessive bad cholesterol. Now we all know what happens when your bad cholesterol levels are elevated, right? This means the liver is not doing its job.

Common Symptoms of A Toxin Liver

So, here are some of the common symptoms of someone with a toxic liver. Skin problems, either discoloration or blemishes, excessive wrinkles or puffy eyes or dark circles, muscle or joint issues. You can have a sluggish metabolism as well. You can have water retention, elevated cholesterol levels, hair loss.

Did you know your liver determines the function of the thyroid? So, a toxic liver can cause hormonal imbalances also causing mood disorders.

How Do Our Livers Get Toxic?

So many people ask, how does our liver get so toxic? Well, I’ll answer that question with a few questions. Do you eat fried or fast food? Do you smoke or are frequently around second-hand smoke? Do you drink a lot of sodas? Do you drink milk or eat cheese and yogurts or gluten, which comes from wheat, which is in most bread products? These can cause a toxic liver as they typically stress the liver.

Or how about this. Have you been taking any pain medications, or have you taken any anti-inflammatories in the past? Do you drink coffee or alcohol? There’s a recent study done on the harmful effects of caffeine and particularly for coffee, so if you’re a coffee drinker or you drink a lot of those caffeinated energy drinks, you will really want to pay attention to this.

In this clinical study, published in 2013 from the University of Australia, Dr. Kevin Croft states, “Coffee affected the utilization of fat in the liver and caused abnormal retention of fat within the cells.” This study also reported that coffee triggers glucose intolerances, increases insulin resistance, and may actually be linked to worsening of metabolic syndrome.

We’re now starting to realize the relationship between caffeine and the effect it has on our liver.

Did you know that drug-induced liver problems can be caused by over-the-counter medications, synthetic vitamins, certain toxic herbs like Guarana, even recreational drugs and hormone therapy?

When any of these substances enter the body and filters through the liver, they disrupt its normal function, and this can cause elevations in blood level enzymes that leak from the liver into the blood.

So the next time you get your blood work done, take a look at your liver enzymes such as aspartate amino transferase, which will be labeled on your results as AST and alanine amino transferase, which will be labeled as ALT. If you see an elevation of these enzymes, this is another sign of a potential problem with your liver.

The Liver And Healthy Digestion

Let’s talk quickly about digestion as this is a common complaint in my practice. Digestion and bowel function are primarily determined by the amount of bile produced by the liver. A healthy liver produces 1.5 quarts of bile every day. This ensures that the activities in the liver and the rest of the body run properly to digest food, nutrients and to ensure proper bowel function.

Unfortunately a toxic liver only produces around a cup of bile a day. Now this results in indigestion and constipation or poor bowel function. If the liver does not produce sufficient bile to digest and absorb nutrients from the foods such as calcium, the body will rob the bones causing bone density issues, illness, and premature aging.

Benefits Of Cleansing The Liver

So here’s the good news. What can you look forward to when you cleanse your liver? When you cleanse your liver, you cleanse your entire body. Some of the benefits that people notice are better weight loss results because now your body has the ability to break down fats much more efficiently, clearer skin with less wrinkles and less puffiness and dark circles around the eye. You can have more energy and a much clearer mind, fresher breath, improved bowel movements, better overall digestion, even more balanced moods, as many of my patients report that they just feel happier and less stressed. You’ll notice improved muscle function and tone. Some of my patients even said they sleep better at night.

The great thing is the liver regenerates itself constantly, so when you cleanse the liver, many see a direct improvement in their health.

First, it’s important that you have a proven blend of ingredients that can gently cleanse the liver without causing any aggressive cleansing symptoms or side effects. Unfortunately, most liver products are not balanced for all body types, and as shocking as this may sound, most liver cleansing products do not work, or they have poor results.

Here in North America, we have knowledge of over 400 herbs, but only 100 are being used in practice. Now in the Mediterranean, they have knowledge of over 4,000 herbs, and over 1,200 are in practice.

The Liver Master — The Mediterranean Liver Cleanse

Now this clinical study is really impressive, and it proves why the Mediterranean people are healthier than us. Harvard Medical University published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine that was done on 22,000 people in the Mediterranean, and it found that those who followed the Mediterranean diet of eating certain, specific foods, had better cardiovascular health and lived a longer and healthier life than people here, in North America. There are more clinical studies done about how healthy the Mediterranean people are than any other region of the world.

So what this teaches us is that we must incorporate these important Mediterranean ingredients in our diet to achieve better health.

As a doctor, I’m excited to share with you a Mediterranean liver cleanse called Liver Master. The Liver Master cleanse is so easy to use. It’s a 90-day cleanse program that works and achieves excellent results, and yet, it’s very gentle on the body, it’s 100% natural, and uses a proven blend of cleansing the liver.

Success With The Liver Master Program

Testimonial #1: I’ve been struggling with my weight for a long time. It’s actually been a real problem for me. My clothes sizes, just the way I felt, and Dr. Tanner asked me if I would like to try a program called Liver Master Program.

Within a 10-day period, I lost seven pounds, and dramatic difference in my clothes, how they feel, how I feel. I’m really excited ’cause that plateau has been broken, and I’m on the road to weight loss.

Testimonial #2: Since I began the Liver Master Program, surprisingly to me, I’ve had more energy. My workdays are 11-hour work days, and I haven’t changed anything about my program other than starting the Liver Master Program, and I’ve noticed that I’ve slimmed down in my torso, and now I’m back into my skinny jeans.

Testimonial #3: One of my personal health issues has been with headaches, and I learned about the Liver Master Program, and I thought, well, it makes sense. And so, I started the program, and within four days, my headaches are gone.

For good health, do one 90-day liver cleanse a year. For even better, or improved anti-aging results, do two liver cleanses a year.

The fundamentals of the liver cleanse and colon cleanse are principles that have been around in the Mediterranean for thousands of years.

My recommendation is when you start the Liver Master Program, you also take something natural to help cleanse the colon. When you cleanse your liver it’s important to make sure your colon is functioning correctly to ensure all the toxins are properly being expelled from the body.


The Liver Master And Digestion

So here are some quick facts to note about good digestive health. If you’re eating two to three meals a day, you should have at least two full-sized bowel movements per day. It should only take 30 seconds to eliminate, and they should be odorless. This is why I recommend the produced called Experience. Experience is a hundred year old formula from the Mediterranean that helps to cleanse the colon and promotes regularity.

When you cleanse the liver, it’s also recommended that you take a natural liquid vitamin. The product I recommend in my practice is Liquid Daily Complete. It has less than one gram of sugar, and you just need to take one ounce a day to get 100% of your key vitamins, minerals, as well as important antioxidants.

The basic Liver Master Cleanse contains Liver Master, Experience, and Daily Complete. You’ll find that your results will be much more impressive when you use these products together.

Cleaning + Weight Loss

Now, if you are looking to achieve both cleansing and weight loss, I typically recommend the Advanced Liver Master Cleanse Program to my patients. In the Advanced Liver Master Cleanse, it includes the Pure Trim Mediterranean Shakes to replace one or two of your meals and the Pure Trim Truffles to handle those difficult food cravings.

These products are all based on the Mediterranean way of living. By the way, these delicious pure trim shakes, they’re dairy free, soy free, and gluten free with 21 grams of vegetable-based protein and less than one gram of sugar. All you do is add water and a cup of ice. I call it your 10 second meal because it only takes 10 seconds to make.

Now the second product in the Advanced Liver Master Cleanse Package are the Pure Trim Truffles, and these are my favorite part. These are specifically designed to help target those difficult, late night food cravings and the common overeating issues that many people struggle with.

As a doctor, the results I have seen with my patients who follow the Advanced Liver Master Program is very impressive. Decide if you want to start with the Basic Liver Master Cleanse or the Advanced Liver Master Cleanse because it’s time you start achieving your health goals as soon as possible.

Also, what impresses me about the Liver Master Cleanse is that it is listed in the 2014 Physicians’ Desk Reference. In fact, nine out of ten doctors actually refer to the Physicians’ Desk Reference when recommending products to their patients. This is incredible because it adds an additional level of credibility to the Liver Master Cleanse Program.

Consistent Liver Cleaning = Great Results

Now many of my patients ask me, “Okay. What do I do after I completed the 90-day Liver Master Cleanse?” Well, it’s simple. If you’re just doing a liver cleanse for overall wellness, then my recommendation is do the 90-Day Liver Master Cleanse once a year. But if you’re more interested in boosting your metabolism and fat loss, while achieving amazing anti-aging results, then make sure you complete the Liver Cleanse twice a year.

So when you’re done with your first 90 days, wait three months, and then you can start again. Wait three months and so on.

Testimonial #1: I’ve always struggled with irregularity for years. I would go maybe once every three or four days. Since I’ve been on the Liver Master Program, I go every day, twice a day, and so what that does for me, I feel like I have more energy, that poochiness in my belly has gone away, and my clothes are fitting better, and so that’s really very exciting for me.

Testimonial #2: I had no idea what the liver would do for your health and for your weight loss. I just thought it was another organ. I didn’t know the role it played, and one of the other benefits that I’ve noticed with the Liver Master Program is that I have more energy, and my bowel movements have been extremely regular, and that’s really a benefit. I don’t have bloating like I had a week ago, and I’m really excited about that because that’s how your clothes fit better.

Testimonial #3: As a personal trainer, I’m always telling my clients to eat right, but if you have a toxic liver, eating right just doesn’t make sense. The liver, being toxic and congested, does not allow you to absorb the nutrients that you’re getting from that healthy food, and so you’re not going to get the benefit that you should be.

So it just makes sense to get on the Liver Master Program to detoxify that liver.

The 90-Day Liver Master Program really works, and it’s very affordable. As a fellow doctor-friend of mine once said, “You do not have to be wealthy to achieve vibrant health. You just need the right wisdom to chase the cause of your health issues instead of chasing the symptoms.”

Remember, be consistent. Help yourself first. Then help your family and friends.

My experience using the 90-day Liver Master Cleanse has been incredible. I’ve lost weight. I sleep much better through the night. And I have a lot more energy. As a physician who works 12 to 14 hours a day, that extra amount of energy makes all the difference in the world for me.

I know that if you use this cleanse, you’re going to experience the same results that myself, as well as all of my patients have experienced. I wish you and your family the best of health.