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Major Cause Of Most Health Concerns

The video you’re about to watch contains health answers that most doctors are not willing to talk about and don’t want you to know. You or someone you love may be suffering with health problems such as digestion problems, weight gain, headaches, and even low energy. Today, you will find the cause of most of these health problems that are robbing you and your loved ones of good health. Here today to educate you on this vital topic is Dr. Joel Robbins.

Dr. Robbins is a medical doctor, a chiropractor, and a naturopathic physician. He has treated over 100,000 patients and has been in practice for over 20 years. Dr. Joel Robbins has written several books on health and wellness. He lectures around the country, and has been a guest on many talk shows. In fact, the United States Air Force called him to Washington to help them improve the health of their pilots. Dr. Joel Robbins is a true living example of someone who walks his talk. At the age of 47 he still looks like he is in his 30’s. Please pay close attention now as he shares with you today the major cause of most of you and your family’s health concerns.

Dr. Joel R.

Treat The Cause, Not The Symptom

Dr. Joel R.: In traditional medicine, and unfortunately, in complementary healthcare, we look at the symptom, and we say, “All right. With that symptom, this diagnosis, what remedy do we give? Is it a drug? Is it surgery? Is it an herb? Is it colonic therapy, acupuncture? What is it?” But we fail to ask the primary question, the basic question, which is what is the cause? If you have a headache and you go to the doctor, he prescribes Aspirin. You take the Aspirin. Your headache goes away. What would logic tell you as to the cause of your headache? Well, that’s simple, Aspirin deficiency, and yet there’s no such thing. We do not get a headache due to a salicylic acid deficiency. We haven’t asked what the cause is. This is like hearing the fire alarm go off in your home and you run up and find the wires to the fire alarm and cut the wire and think, “Okay, you don’t hear the fire alarm anymore, therefore there’s no more fire.” That’s ridiculous.

Are You Autointoxicated?

The problem with not looking at causes is that while we’re getting relief, we continue to poison the body, we continue to weaken it, and ultimately, we end up with some disease process. I believe the number one cause of health problems is autointoxication, auto meaning self, intoxication meaning poisoning. We poison ourselves by our faulty lifestyle. Yes, most of the time out of ignorance. What is the most common cause of autointoxication? It’s poor bowel function, or poor colon health. Oh, come on, you say. That’s ridiculous. Well, let me tell you something. There are medical studies that say otherwise.

Here are some very interesting facts about our colon. This first one comes from Dr. Anthony Badzier, a professor of gastroenterology in New York, concluded after a 25-year study of over 5,000 cases that every physician should realize that the intestinal toxins are the most important primary and contributing causes of many disorders and health problems of the human body. That’s profound. When I went to medical school, chiropractic school, even naturopathic school, I was not taught about the relationship between colon health and physical problems. That is sad, but after 20-plus years of clinical experience, and also the hundreds of medical studies, we now know better. The health of the colon does make a difference. In this video, we’re going to learn how poor colon health can lead to serious health problems. We’re going to learn what autointoxication is, what causes it, and what we can do about it. Many of you are hurting. Many of you are frustrated. You have health problems you’re not finding answers for. Just listen up. We’re going to give you hope. There is a solution.

To understand autointoxication and its relationship to colon health and our health, we need to have a quick anatomy lesson. Let’s look at the digestive system. Digestion begins in the mouth. As we chew our food, saliva mixes with the food. Saliva contains some enzymes that begin the process of digesting that food. We swallow the food. It goes down into the stomach where digestion continues. From there, the food goes into the small intestine where digestion finishes up and then food is absorbed through the villi in the small intestine. After digestion, after absorption, the food is passed on into the large intestine and becomes fecal matter. It goes across, it transfers to descending colon, the sigmoid colon, and out through the rectum.

Here’s a diagram of your small intestine. It is about 25 feet in length, and approximately the width of your thumb. On the closeup here we see what are called villi. These are finger-like projections through which nutrition is absorbed into the bloodstream to nourish the body. Now, eating toxic food, junk food, can cause a film to build up over these villi, which will hinder the absorption of nutrition into the body. It really doesn’t matter how many supplements you take, not going to get the benefit of your money.

In this diagram, we’re observing the normal movement of food through the small intestine, and then it becomes fecal matter in the large intestine, going out in a timely fashion, one meal in, one bowel movement out. In this diagram, we’re observing a sluggish bowel in which several meals are backed up in the large intestine, which is the result of constipation and certainly produces toxic bowel syndrome. You’re supposed to have two to three bowel movements a day if you’re eating two to three meals a day. The bowel movements should be effortless, odorless, and well formed, and leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and cleanliness when you’re finished.

Dr. Norman Walker, who by the way died at the age of 109, was one of the foremost pioneers in colon health. He stated that out of 100,000 autopsies that he had attended, there were less than 10% normal colons. Dr. William Hunter said, “The colon is the sewer system of the body, but with neglect and abuse, it becomes a cesspool of toxins that spill over into the body.” Let me tell you the true definition of regularity. If you eat a meal, you have a bowel movement. You eat three meals a day, you should have three bowel movements a day, just like a baby. You feed a baby, 20 minutes later, it has a bowel movement. Let me ask you a question. If you’re eating three meals a day but you’re having just one bowel movement a day, or maybe one bowel movement every 10 days, as some patients tell me, sometimes once every two weeks, believe it or not. Question, what’s happening to that food? What’s it doing to our body? You’re about to find out.

Here’s a diagram of the normal colon. Notice the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid, and rectum. Look at this example of how toxic a colon is. Look at the cross-section of the colon, only leaving a small passageway to eliminate. This waste builds up, causes poisons, which are then absorbed into the body. This is what happens to our colon when we ignore the body’s urging to have regular bowel movements. Let me ask you a question. What would happen if you were to put a hamburger in a Ziploc bag and left it in your kitchen counter? What would it smell like after a week, or even worse, what would it smell like after several years? This is what’s going to take place in our bodies if we are not eliminating properly.

Here are some actual X-rays of people with colon problems. Notice the white areas. That’s the colon. Notice how distorted, how prolapsed, convoluted these sick colons are. Serious health consequences are going to result as a result of these colons that are not healthy. In this diagram, we see what’s known as a spastic colon. This is the result of stress. See how the colon is contracted in spasm? Obviously this will hinder bowel function. This is a direct consequence of stress. This certainly sets the stage for serious health consequences as this fecal matter remains in the colon for years. One of the most serious consequences of not taking care of a colon is something called a colostomy. This is where the surgeons remove the colon and the bowel matter passes out through a hole in the abdomen into a sack.

Let’s spend some time talking about a major health problem in this country, and that of weight problems. According to the Surgeon General, over 61% of the adult population is overweight. That’s awful. That’s tragic. There are several factors relating to toxic colon that can contribute directly to a weight problem, toxic accumulation in the bowel. As I’ve said before, the colon can expand up to five times its normal size. This swells up because of the toxic waste that’s not being eliminated in a timely fashion. This leads to that condition megacolon. This is the enlarged colon. Dr. Jack Lamar, a naturopath and a homeopath said, “Most people are walking around with at least seven pounds of fecal matter in their large intestine, and I have seen patients lose that much weight and their tummy bulge following colon therapy.”

A Product Called Experience

Nutritionist Lindsay Duncan agrees that a clean colon aids in digestion and the ability to metabolize food. I quote, “They think it’s normal to have a bowel movement once every few days. I often startle my clients with the question if we eat three meals daily but only eliminate once a day or once every other day, where do you think all the rest of that food is hiding?” What is the solution? Being in practice for 20 years, this has been major importance to me. I’ve searched far and wide trying to find a product that will not just be a laxative, but something that will truly help the bowel clean itself out, tone itself up, and I’ve found a product called Experience.

Experience has been used in the Mediterranean for over a hundred years with incredible success, and finally it’s available here in North America. Experience is a combination of food herbs that work to feed the bowel, to clean out the small intestine, and to tone up the large intestine for better bowel elimination. The beautiful thing about Experience is that it not only does these things I just said, but as a person continues to take it, they can use less and less of it because it gets the job done. It actually deals with the cause. It actually contributes to the total health picture.

I have literally no more physical pain on a daily basis that I used to have. I had a chronic condition that I thought was normal. I went to my doctor. He told me it was normal. You’re supposed to be this way, and being on the product, literally the very next day, I experienced results. It’s phenomenal. The product is just amazing.

Since taking Experience, my lower back pain’s gone. My bad breath is gone. My energy is skyrocketing. The bloating is completely gone. I’m so regular now. I used to go once a week. Now I’m going a couple times a day. I feel younger. People tell me I look younger. I have a glow to me, and since taking Experience I have found myself recommending this product to my family, my friends, and I keep telling people how good I actually feel since I started taking the Experience.

The Experience has really helped me out because I used to only eliminate like every two, three days. Now I’m going regularly every day, which has just been a wonderful thing for me. I feel a lot better. I’ve had a couple problems with some health problems that have cleared up, and I’m on the right track now with Experience. It’s really the best cleansing that I’ve ever had.

Taking Out The Garbage

I want you to imagine not taking your garbage out. Every day you have new trash that goes in the garbage can. That garbage can gets filled up. You have another one. You fill it up. Imagine not taking your garbage out for a week. How about two weeks? How about a year? What’s going to happen? What’s it going to smell like? What I’m describing is the result of rotting food in the intestine because it’s either not being digested properly, or there’s not adequate bowel function, so the food just sits there and it rots. As a consequence, there is toxic chemicals formed. These toxic chemicals unfortunately will absorb into the body and they begin to poison our system.

Here’s a diagram of what is known as a prolapsed colon. This is a consequence of fecal matter not being eliminated from the bowel in a timely basis, the weight of that fecal matter causing the bowel to drop or prolapse. When that colon hits the lower part of the abdomen, it’s going to put undue pressure on the structures there, bladder, perhaps prostate in the male, and in the female, the uterus and the female organs, causing consequences in those areas. Here’s a picture of the normal anatomy of the female abdomen. Notice the uterus, the ovaries, and then the colon. When the colon prolapses, it’s going to put pressure on the uterus. Some of the consequences of prolapsed colon can cause female infections, cysts, and even struggles with reproduction. Here’s a view of the male anatomy of the lower abdomen. Notice the proximity of the colon to the bladder and the prostate. Some of the consequences can be prostate problems, reproductive problems, even lowered sex drive.

Regularity was a lot better, seemed to be a lot more regular shortly after meals. The biggest thing I noticed right off the bat was I didn’t get a bloat or feel bloated after meals, which is something that I was struggling with, and I don’t know why it didn’t matter what I was eating. I always seemed to have some bloating after meals that made me uncomfortable, and I never … Once I started with the Experience I didn’t have that any longer.

No matter what we eat, drink, we need to pay attention daily to detoxification, so I want to share with you the need to take Experience every single day, not only to stay regular, but to detoxify and to get rid of those pollutants on a daily basis. If you’re able to do that, you’ll really feel better.

Did you know according to the Mayo Clinic over 60 million Americans experience heartburn on a regular basis? What’s so amazing is that heartburn, indigestion, and even acid reflux are common symptoms of a toxic colon. Yet, we keep ignoring the actual cause. To understand the full consequence of both toxic bowel syndrome and constipation, or autointoxication, we need to understand the main systems of elimination. There are five main avenues of waste elimination from the body.

Eliminating Waste With The Colon

The first avenue of elimination is the colon. Another condition that can result of toxic bowel syndrome is called megacolon. Now, megacolon is when the colon of normal size expands up to five times its normal size. This is simply due to poor bowel function, not eliminating in a timely basis. As a consequence, the toxic debris sits in the colon for days perhaps, or weeks. We don’t know. You know this person who’s got the big gut, skinny legs. You ever look at that and wonder what’s going on there? Now you know. How about halitosis, bad breath? That’s another consequence of toxic bowel syndrome. This is where the toxins absorb into the body and they’re exhaled through our lungs.

It’s just the most best product in the world that you could ever try. It’s given me back my health.

My patients have enjoyed and have reported back to me that they know for a fact when they take their Experience that it will work for them. There’s no hesitating with their opportunities for their daily activity. They go about their business knowing that the product is going to work for them in an easy, comfortable fashion without any problems.

Eliminating Waste With The Liver And The Kidneys

That brings us to the next avenue of elimination, which is the liver. The liver is designed to filter the blood. If the colon becomes plugged up, and we have this rotting material, it’s got to overflow somewhere. The liver is the first one to get it, and we have certain symptoms that can result from that. For example, headaches. This is simply the brain crying out because it doesn’t like this toxic blood that the liver is not filtering. Low energy. You can even have memory problems because if the blood is toxic, we don’t think as well. Lowered sex drive, cholesterol problems. The liver is the primary gatekeeper of the blood fats, and if it’s congested, it can struggle to maintain our cholesterol level. Even joint problems, and the next line of defense of the kidneys. Since the colon, the first line of defense, is not able to handle it, then somebody else has to, so now we have the kidneys are overloaded. Going to have kidney problems. Consequence of that can be blood pressure problems, even low back pain.

Eliminating Waste With The Lungs And Through The Skin

What’s the next avenue of elimination? The lungs. The lungs can also get in on the act of having to deal with some of these toxins. We already mentioned bad breath. How about asthma, allergies, even our skin? The skin is one of the largest organs of waste elimination of the body, but if the colon’s backed up and the liver’s backed up, the skin becomes the relief valve for the liver and for the kidneys, and so we’re going to have skin problems, all a consequence of poor bowel function.

What I like about Experience is that it’s all-natural ingredients. It works as advertised. I feel confident in taking it, and I definitely recommend this to friends.

I’ve had digestive problems my whole life and now that I take Experience, I’m eliminating every day, my health has improved, and I’m regular. It’s great.

Friends, this program is phenomenal. I use it in my own practice. Let me just tell you about a few cases. Here’s Mary. She comes to see me, has suffered from headaches, serious headaches for years. As I evaluated her situation, it became evident that she had digestive problems, colon problems. We put her on the program, just in a matter of two weeks, headaches gone. You know, she actually cried for this reason. She no longer had to take laxatives. It was a constant battle with her because she’d either have to take so much she had diarrhea, or she’d back off and she’d suffer with the constipation. This stuff is amazing.

Something that I like very much about Experience is the fact that there are no chemicals. It’s 100% natural. As a doctor, I appreciate the fact that there are clinical studies that prove it is effective, but most impressive is the fact that it was listed in the Physician Desk Reference. This book has been around for 55 years and is used by the medical profession and pharmacists. Experience is one of the few all-natural products featured in this book. We’ve been talking a lot about Experience and how wonderful it is, and it is, but there’s something even better. It’s the ultimate, as far as I’m concerned. It’s called the Health Pack. The Health Pack consists of Experience. The second one is called Complete. It consists of 211 all-natural components, whole food vitamins and minerals in a liquid form, easy to assimilate. This package puts it all together in helping the body restore to health.

Friends, this program can make the difference in how you feel today, and how your health will be tomorrow. Let me ask you a question. If you’re taking a bath or a shower every day to keep the outside clean, why wouldn’t you want to keep the inside clean too? It just makes sense. This whole autointoxication process can lead to premature aging, never mind disease. Remember, we age from the inside out, not the outside in. If you want to stay young and healthy, simply apply the principles of health that I’ve outlined in this video.

As a doctor and being in practice for over 20 years, I can tell you, these principles work. Now I’m sharing them with you. I apply them myself, and I reap the health benefits. Here I am, age 47, and people still think I’m in my 30’s. It does work. The responsibility for your health is up to you. Take that responsibility. No one else can do that for you. Get started on the products. Take the other action steps outlined in this video. You’ve been armed with the truth. What you do with it is up to you. The choice is yours. Remember, health is a gift. Disease is something that we earn.