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Can Death Begin in the Colon?

“Toxic substances produced in the bowels can have damaging health effects.” – University of San Francisco –

“There are over 50 million physicians’ office visits yearly due to digestive complaints.” – National Institutes of Health –

Find out from this well researched video what to do to improve and maintain a healthy digestive system.



Do You Have a Toxic Liver?

If someone where to ask you what is the most important organ of the body, what would you say? Probably the heart? Or?

For weight loss and overall health which organ is the most important? The heart? The liver? Or?

In this video, Dr. Tanner, a board certified physician shows how the liver determines out health and how we age.

How to use LiverMaster Cleanse



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Your Health: A Valuable Resource

Your health is extremely valuable. Without it your life will be one of frustration, discomfort, pain and discouragement. However as you invest you will see the quality of your life improve, your outlook brighten, and your overall existence be more meaningful.

Our staff personnel are available to help you and guide you to optimal health.

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Pure Trim Health Secret?

Did you know what people in the Mediterranean are naturally the healthiest and thinnest people in the world?

With this video you will learn one of their amazing health secrets. You will learn about the world’s most delicious anti-aging weight loss system that starts with chocolate.

Watch the video and learn about this fun, delicious, and healthy secret.

How to Use Pure Trim Truffles



Transfer Factor?

Learn about what has been characterized as test results, unprecedented in the know medical literature.

It has been said that one never really misses something until it’s been taken away. Surely this is true of health and wealth.

This video was produced for those who wish to never lost, or to once again attain, those two precious possessions.


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How These Health Resources Help

As nutritional specialists, we are passionate that people can enjoy the life that they wish for and deserve. One of the ways we do this is by offering health coaching. To extend our coaching we offer health resources and nutrition helps. It is a great way for you to learn about what it takes to improve your health and maintain it.

There are a number of natural health doctors that are doing what they can to make us a healthier society. We have drawn from these doctors. They have been our mentors. Now we pass on this mentor-ship and wish for you to benefit as well.

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Life Could not exist without enzymes. What this means is that our breathing, sleeping, eating, working and even thinking are enzyme dependent. – Dr. Edward Howell –

Transformation, a company focused on improving people’s lives, has a lot to say about the power of enzymes in our daily life.

Watch this dialogue to glean from the years of experience from these doctors and professors.



Cardio for Life

Stress, poor eating habits and physical inactivity are exposing us to greater health risks.

The cost of cardiovascular diseases and stroke in the United States is 2002 is estimated at $392.2 billion. – American Heart Association –

Half of all cardiovascular problems occur in people who do not have high cholesterol. – American Heart Association –




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An Important Ingredient of Nutrition Helps

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What Every Woman Should Know

Are you experiencing severe health symptoms?
Are you constantly tired and low on energy?
Do you find yourself moody?
Does you frequently have bad headaches? What about nausea?
Are hot flashes, crying spells, insomnia, and more the norm for you?
Are you feeling hopeless?

Check out this video to see what others have done to overcome these problems?

A Testimony of Overcoming Pain

Listen to Linda Baker testimony of a horrible accident, tremendous pain, and eventual recovery.

Rob Robertson, M.D. says, “You don’t have to learn to live with it.” He offers a fibromyalgia recovery program. This video is dedicated to the millions who suffer from this distressing syndrome.

What would it be like if your health challenges were only a matter of taking the time to do the right thing?



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